Babe Ruth’s 1927 salary today?

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Babe Ruth’s 1927 salary of $70,000 USD would be equivalent to $922,000 USD in 2015. He was the highest-paid player for 13 consecutive seasons and set a record in 1930 with a salary of $80,000 USD, which was 2.4 times the next highest earner. The highest paid MLB players in 2014 received salaries of $25 million USD.

Hall of Fame Major League Baseball (MLB) player Babe Ruth’s 1927 salary would be equivalent to $922,000 United States Dollars (USD) in 2015. Ruth received a 35% pay raise in 1927 and was paid $70,000 USD for his record-breaking season in which he hit 60 home runs. By comparison, the highest paid MLB players in 2014 received salaries of $25 million dollars. Although Ruth’s salary would likely be considered a bargain in 2015 dollars, he was still the highest-paid player of his time for 13 consecutive seasons. Ruth also set a salary record in 1930, when he was paid $80,000 USD, an amount that was 2.4 times the next highest earner—this is the largest discrepancy between the top two player salaries in history.

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Ross Barnes, one of the first famous baseball players in the late 1800s, earned about as much per season as New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez made per pitch in 2012.
In 1930, Babe Ruth earned $80,000 USD, $5,000 more than Herbert Hoover, the president at the time.
Baseball’s first $1 million salary occurred in 1979 for Nolan Ryan and is about a third of the average salary for MLB players in 2014.

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