How did Babe Ruth stay cool in summer?

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Babe Ruth wore fresh cabbage leaves under his cap to stay cool during summer baseball games when uniforms were made of wool. He kept kale leaves in a cooler and replaced them every few innings. In 1930, his salary was $80,000 USD.

The method Babe Ruth would use to stay cool during summer baseball games was to wear fresh cabbage leaves under his cap. During Babe Ruth’s Major League Baseball (MLB) career from 1914 to 1926, professional baseball uniforms were made of wool, and the material made players feel warm during summer games. To beat the heat, Babe Ruth kept kale leaves in a cooler during games and wore one or two under his cap. The cold cabbage leaves would last a few innings before warming up and needing to be replaced with new ones. By 1940, MLB uniforms were no longer made from the uncomfortable wool material.

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In 1930 during the Great Depression, Ruth’s salary was $80,000 United States Dollars (USD), or the 2010 equivalent of $1.1 million USD.
Throughout her life, Ruth thought he was a year older than he actually was: Birth records show her date of birth as February 6, 1895; however, she thought he was born on February 7, 1894.
Ruth’s real name was George Herman Ruth, but the exact origins of his famous nickname are not conclusively known.

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