What did Babe Ruth pay for his 700th home run ball?

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Babe Ruth paid $20 to retrieve his 700th home run ball in 1934. He also offered the same amount for fans who caught his 500 and 600 home run balls. Despite his success, he was not included on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot by 11 voters. Ruth’s rookie card sold for $450,300 in 2013.

Babe Ruth paid $20 US dollars (USD) to get his 700th home run ball back. On July 13, 1934, the professional baseball player hit the 700th home run when his team, the New York Yankees, was playing the Tigers in Detroit. The boy who had retrieved the ball after Ruth hit it out of the park was offered $20 USD, or the 2010 equivalent of $277 USD, and another baseball autographed by Ruth. The $20 USD offer is also believed to have been applied by Ruth for fans who also caught his 500 and 600 home run balls.

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Although he was regarded by many as one of the greatest players of all time, 11 of the voters for the Baseball Hall of Fame the year after Ruth’s retirement did not include him on the ballot.
Ruth’s parents voluntarily gave up her guardianship at a Baltimore school for orphans and incorrigible children at the age of seven.
One of Ruth’s 10 outstanding 1914 rookie cards sold at auction in 2013 for $450,300.

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