Breast Milk Ice Cream: What is it?

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Breast milk ice cream was sold in a London shop in 2011, but was removed due to health concerns. Some customers loved it, while others found it unpleasant. Human breast milk can transmit diseases, and proper management is necessary. Other products made from breast milk include soap, cheese, and soups.

Adventurous eaters looking for something different picked up a new product at a London shop in 2011: breast milk ice cream. The product is a sweet frozen concoction, similar to traditional ice cream, but instead of cow’s milk it contains human breast milk. Some customers loved the breast milk ice cream, some hated it, and some were intrigued. Officials, however, were neither amused nor intrigued, and removed it from the ice cream shop shelves, citing health concerns.

Human breast milk can transmit some diseases, including hepatitis. The owner of the ice cream shop who conceived the new product said that breast milk ice cream is safe for consumption because the same safety procedures were followed as when donating blood to institutions such as hospitals and the Red Cross. . The store has paid more than a dozen women for their breast milk. A critic from the British newspaper said the initial taste is similar to ordinary ice cream, but had an aftertaste which he found unpleasant.

Breastmilk ice cream was new and attracted many customers, and the shelves were empty within days, but not everyone was convinced of its safety. Agencies overseeing health and food safety have said that human breast milk can transmit some drugs consumed by the mother, as well as the HIV virus and other infectious diseases. Other concerns focused on proper management. As with other types of milk, human breast milk needs proper storage to avoid contamination.

The new ice cream isn’t the first new use someone has invented for human breast milk. Other entrepreneurs have developed breast milk soap, breast milk cheese, and breast milk soups. Some people have experimented with yogurt and breast milk bread. Some producers said they would rather use the milk productively than let it go bad in storage or throw away milk that had been heated for a baby to drink but had not been consumed.

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