Largest pumpkins ever grown?

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Competitive pumpkin growing is popular in the US and Canada, with the current world record held by Joe Jutras of Massachusetts at 1689 lbs. Growing tips include using quality soil, fertilizers, and full sun, while seed choice is debated. Large pumpkins are not ideal for pies, with sugar pie pumpkins being preferred.

In late September or October each year, you may see local or state contests for the largest pumpkins of the season. Competitive squash cultivation to produce some of the world’s largest pumpkins is indeed great news, and even the Guinness Book of World Records keeps track of these super-large pumpkins. Although subject to change, Joe Jutras of Massachusetts currently holds the world record for the largest pumpkin, growing an impressive 1689 lb (766.12 kg) pumpkin in 2007. Jutras’ achievement was clearly something to write about, since he broke the previous record by close to 200 pounds.

The current threshold for determining truly large pumpkins is around £1500 (680.39), with most state records in the US and many other countries getting nowhere near Justas’ current world record. There are some states that seem to rejoice in some of the bigger pumpkins. California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Oregon have all boasted pumpkins exceeding the 1500-pound mark. Currently the largest pumpkins produced are in the United States and Canada. Most other countries produce very large pumpkins, but have not yet reached that 1500 lb level.

There are many suggestions on how to grow some of the largest pumpkins in the world, and these mostly boil down to using top quality soil, with good fertilizing agents, and growing your pumpkins in full sun. Special protection must be in place to make sure pumpkins don’t encounter the late freezes of spring weather. Growers can start their giant pumpkins indoors and might later use things like lamps or heaters to provide warmer nighttime temperatures.

There is also quite a bit of discussion about which pumpkin seeds might be best suited for growing giant pumpkins. There is no clear consensus on this matter. Some growers recommend Giant Goliath Gourd Seeds as good results, and others are equally fond of other types of seeds. You can view these topics on many online sites devoted to growing giant squash.

One thing is quite certain. Bigger pumpkins tend not to make the best pies. While huge pumpkins might seem like the perfect way to eat pie all fall and winter long, pie makers tend to favor sugar pie pumpkins, which typically weigh only about two pounds (2.27 kg). Sugar pie pumpkins have the added benefit of being much easier to lift and will simply fit in a standard oven.

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