Types of Pumpkin Pie?

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Pumpkin pie comes in many forms, from traditional to new varieties with flavors like chocolate and citrus. Pumpkin spice pie, pumpkin roll, and pumpkin cheesecake are popular variations. Pumpkin desserts are a seasonal feature of fall holidays in the US.

Pumpkin pie can take the form of almost any type of pie, from a spice pie or pie roll to a cheesecake. New varieties continue to be developed when pumpkins are ripe for the picking and the traditional pumpkin pie just isn’t enough to satisfy a pumpkin craving. Some recipes have blended pumpkin with flavors like chocolate, citrus, and nut, while other recipes stick to traditional pairings. Baking with pumpkin is a seasonal feature of the fall holidays, particularly in the United States.

A pumpkin spice pie is a seasonal twist on a classic recipe. The basic recipe is modified to include a pumpkin puree, and the result is topped off with a cream cheese frosting that completes the pie. The common spices in pumpkin spice pie are ground cinnamon and nutmeg.

The traditional pumpkin pie roll is also filled with cream cheese frosting — a signature icing on many types of pumpkin pie. The exact grouping of spices in the batter can vary, but the basics are cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Canned pumpkin can be used in place of a fresh pumpkin puree when making a pumpkin roll, and chopped walnuts are an optional addition that adds flavor and texture.

Potentially more challenging due to time and patience is pumpkin cheesecake. A fresh pumpkin puree is preferred for cheesecake, and the result is typically a fresher, better-tasting pumpkin pie. Canned pumpkin will work in such recipes, though, especially since it’s combined with cream cheese, sour cream, and the standard array of pumpkin pie spices.

In addition to the more common types of pies made with pumpkin, there have been a few new twists on the classic recipes. For example, topping a pumpkin pie with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel or chocolate sauce ups the sweetness factor of the basic recipe. A chocolate pumpkin pie — just add cocoa to the mix — is one step up from a standard pumpkin recipe. A citrus frosted pumpkin pie incorporates orange, lemon and, possibly, carrots into the pie batter and frosting topping. A marbled pumpkin cheesecake swirled in a non-pumpkin batter along with a pumpkin spice batter can create a tasty and interesting marbled effect.

Pumpkin pies can come in many shapes, although a Bundt pie may be the most common. There are also pumpkin cupcakes and pumpkin muffins that all fall into the pumpkin pie category. Pumpkin pie is also popular, particularly for fall get-togethers.

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