Best POS receipt printer: how to choose?

POS systems became popular after the 1990s with the introduction of the first point of sale software. Choosing the best POS receipt printer involves considering brand, compatibility, and cost. Thermal and dot matrix printers are common, and some manufacturers offer all-in-one packages. Compatibility with the operating system and budget are also important factors to consider. […]

What’s a Handheld Printer?

Handheld printers are small, portable printers that can be used with laptops, PDAs, and cell phones. They have wireless capabilities and use batteries as the primary power source. Newer models are slimmer and can store and print over a hundred photographs. Since many people depend more on portable and handheld devices, creating a handheld printer […]

Best open source 3D printer: how to choose?

Choosing the best open source 3D printer depends on your needs, budget, and familiarity with the technology. Consider the accuracy and materials used, and whether you want to build it yourself or buy a pre-made unit. Open source 3D printing has made the technology more accessible and affordable, with various designs and modifications available. Different […]

Buying a color laser printer: what to consider?

Laser printers use static electricity to create an electrostatic image on a drum, which is then coated with toner and transferred onto paper. Color laser printers use a CMYK process, with different methods affecting quality, speed, and price. Consider printing speed, toner cost, and resolution when buying a color laser printer. Cheaper printers are simpler, […]

What’s an LED Printer?

An LED printer uses LEDs to flash a page image onto a photosensitive drum, attracting toner to charged areas. They are cheaper and more reliable than laser printers, but have lower resolution and can produce blurry images. However, as of 2011, their output quality is essentially indistinguishable from laser printers. Using light-emitting diode (LED) technologies, […]

What’s an Impact Printer?

An impact printer is a device that prints visual materials by etching letters or shapes onto paper. It is simplistic and suffers from problems such as changing ink ribbons, jammed heads, and inability to create different fonts and styles. Impact printers are monochrome and have been superseded by toner-based and inkjet printers. Dot-matrix printers allow […]

Inkjet or laser printer?

When choosing between inkjet and laser printers, consider usage, color needs, paper type, and initial cost. Inkjets are good for low usage and occasional color, while lasers are better for high volume and quality color. Laser printers also handle stiffer paper types. When deciding between an inkjet or a laser printer, there are several factors […]

What’s a multifunction printer?

A multifunction printer, or MFP, is a device that can print, fax, copy, and scan. They are marketed to small businesses and homes as a single device. The first MFP was introduced in the 1990s, and since then, prices have fallen and quality has improved. Inkjet technology is used for general consumers, while laser printing […]

Buying a laser printer: what to consider?

When purchasing a laser printer, consider monochrome vs color, toner cost, printable paper size, resolution, speed, memory, and network capabilities. Monochrome is cheaper, color is for high-quality graphics. Toner replacement cost varies, check if the printer has a separate toner and drum unit. Paper size and weight should also be considered. Resolution affects print quality, […]

What’s printer calibration?

Printer calibration matches printed images to computer screen images. Manual calibration is needed for large photos or detailed graphics. Printers and displays produce different images due to ink overlap, color mixing, and paper type. Printer software can adjust settings and perform calibration tests. Some printers have automatic calibration but require correct paper and ink cartridges. […]

What’s a Web Printer?

Web-enabled printers connect directly to the internet, allowing for easy printing from web and mobile sources. They have built-in print servers, enabling any connected user to print remotely via email attachments or integrated access. A web-enabled printer is a type of printer that connects directly to the Internet. This direct connection bypasses the need for […]

What’s a printer operator’s job?

A printer operator handles commissioning, operation, and maintenance of printers for book, magazine, or newspaper publishers. They supervise machines that transfer images onto paper and must have a strong understanding of printing plates, ink pressure, and paper loading. Good communication skills, mechanical ability, and basic math skills are required. A two-year degree is desirable, and […]

What’s a printer tech’s job?

Printer technicians service and repair computer printers, including routine maintenance and troubleshooting network issues. They may need to take printers apart for repairs or recommend sending them in for service. Jobs are available through service companies, manufacturers, and individual companies. A printer technician services computer printers in office environments and maintenance facilities. Technicians can perform […]

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