Types of swimming sports?

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Swimming sports include water polo, swimming, diving, and synchronized swimming. Water polo is a team sport where players must swim most of the time, while swimming competitions involve different strokes. Diving requires acrobatic movements and synchronized swimming involves dancing and lifting teammates out of the water. All these sports are included in the Olympics.

There are various sports that involve the use of a swimming pool, and many of them are quite competitive. Most swimming sports incorporate the basics of swimming with some other aspect, requiring participants to follow different rules or perform certain movements while in the pool. Some of the more popular types of swimming sports include water polo, swimming, diving, and synchronized swimming. All these swimming sports are included in the Olympic Games.

Water polo is a team sport, where seven members of each team are in the pool at the same time with the aim of scoring the most goals. One member of each team is designated as goalkeeper and all members wear a headset. The ball is usually yellow and somewhat resembles a soccer ball. This is one of the swimming sports that requires players to swim most of the time, even if just walking on water, as only goalkeepers are allowed to stand in the shallow area of ​​the pool. Players should have good stamina, strong swimming skills, superior reflexes and be alert.

Swimming is often the first sport that comes to mind when considering athletics involving water. Typical swimming competition includes the backstroke, front crawl, breaststroke or butterfly and competitors have the choice of using all or just one type during the race. The point of swimming competitions is to have the fastest time among the participants. Typical equipment for this and other similar swimming sports includes a cap, bathing suit, and goggles.

Diving involves the use of a raised platform to gracefully enter the water, often including some type of somersault or acrobatic movement. In competition, divers usually have to include a specific number of somersaults and twists, but other aspects of judging include how well their body fits into the motion while in the air and also how they enter the water. Trampolines are usually set up at a few different heights depending on the competition. Synchronized diving is a derivative of regular diving and involves two people diving at the same time.

Synchronized swimming involves two or more people swimming at the same time, performing routines that include dance moves while music plays. This is unique from other swimming sports in that most synchronized routines involve swimmers lifting teammates out of the water and even tossing them while performing tricks in the air. Synchronized swimmers usually need to be graceful, flexible, and strong enough to get through typical routines.

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