What are Fish Decals?

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Fishing decals are popular among anglers and collectors, appearing on boats, trucks, and tackle boxes. They can be customized with logos, statements, and even personalized designs. Some decals are made specifically for bait and can be applied to different types of lures. Collectors can find them on eBay and in online stores, with prices ranging from $15 to over $99 USD. Customization websites offer a variety of designs, including those for creating personalized lures.

Sticker collecting is a pastime that some of us think we will grow up with, but there are those who will always be on the lookout for the sticker that represents them. Anglers and hob anglers have a whole category of their own. Fishing decals or fishing stickers can have your logo or brand name. There’s also a whole line of fishing decals, sans logos, that have statements related to fishing or just their favorite fish on them. You’ll see the decals appear on boats, trucks, and tackle boxes where anglers congregate. Some fishing decals are made specifically for bait. These decals are waterproof and will stick to many different types of lures.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the only place you’ll see fishing decals is on a truck. Fishing decals are also gaining popularity as collectibles. They are available on eBay and in a wide variety of online stores. You may be able to pick up the latest decals for free when you shop at a specific manufacturer’s retail store. Most of the time, you’ll need to pay $99 United States Dollars (USD) and up to start your own sticker collection. There are new fishing decals that could cost you as little as $15.00 USD. Out-of-print fishing decals can cost you even more, depending on their value.

If you can’t find the perfect set of fishing decals, fear not. There are websites that allow users to customize their own decals. These sites feature everything including old fishermen, a variety of fish, some hunting decals, boats, and cartoon style decals. Once you’ve decided on your decal, or set of decals, personalize it with your favorite saying, your name, or even your boat’s name and you have a one-of-a-kind fishing decal.

There are also fishing decals that allow the user to create their own lure. These stickers are waterproof and are designed to be applied to different types of lures such as spinner lures, crank lures and blades. These decals should have a life-like image on them and some may even be scented. In the works there are decals including taste and even bubble eyes.

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