What’s a Pop Up Campervan?

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A pop-up camper is a foldable RV that is easy to transport and expandable on the campsite. It has wheels and is towed by a trailer, with electrical connections for taillights and turn signals. It can have amenities like a stove, air conditioner, toilet, and shower. The top usually has an awning and a soft roof that allows it to fold down. It is a cheap and low-drag alternative to traditional campers and RVs.

A pop-up camper is an RV that has the ability to be folded or broken down so that it is easier to transport. Once on the campsite, it can then be expanded vertically and horizontally to some extent. The folding ability of the pop-up camper makes it an ideal choice for those who want something more substantial than a tent, but don’t want a high cost of transport.

A pop-up camper has wheels and is towed by a trailer. Usually the trailer component is integrated seamlessly into the camping component so that it looks like a cohesive unit. In accordance with the laws governing the use of trailers, any legal RV will also have electrical connections for taillights and turn signals.

Once at a campsite and ready to camp, it’s a good idea to find a flat patch of land and make sure the wheels are chocked in some sort. If no wedges arrived with the camper, it should be possible to use materials in or near the campsite, such as rocks. Bricks, if available, would also be a good immobilizer.

While some pop-up RVs aren’t much more than overhead tents with a solid bottom, others offer features usually found in RVs or fifth wheel motorhomes. These amenities may include fully functional stove and air conditioners. Electric lights and televisions are also optional for some motorhome models.

It’s also not uncommon for a pop-up camper to have a toilet and shower as well. While confined spaces may not make the pop-up camper an ideal location for such activities, it is an option. Those who value their privacy may decide that a pop-up camper is not for them.

The top of the pop-up camper usually consists of some sort of awning. However, in some cases the top of the camper directly over the main portion of the trailer will be hard, with the awning extending from either side. This soft roof is what allows the motorhome to have its pop up properties. It gives the sides and roof enough flex to fold down, yet provides good protection for those inside when in use.
A pop-up camper is one of the cheapest ways to travel to and from a campsite. The fact that it can be reduced to such a small profile will reduce the amount of drag. This is a feature that a normal trailer camper and recreational vehicle cannot do.

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