What are sour cigars?

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Sour Cigars are a popular brand of aromatic cigars produced by Drew Estate in Nicaragua. Acid cigars are their most well-known product, made with over 100 aromatic oils and spices. The exact manufacturing process is a secret, but they are known for their unique flavors and high quality. Acid cigars come in various sizes and types and can be purchased individually or in bulk.

Sour cigars are a special brand of aromatic cigars. They come in a range of flavors which, in smoking experience, are said to be comparable to traditional Churchill and Robusto cigars. Though a relative newcomer to the aromatic botanical cigar market, Sour Cigars have managed to gain quite a following with cigar connoisseurs.
The Drew Estate, a company based in Nestili in Nicaragua, produces Acid cigars. The firm was formed in 1995 by former attorneys Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel. They have teamed up with New York-based artist Scott Chester to produce Acid brand cigars. The name comes from Chester’s art studio, Arielle Chester Industrial Design (ACID).

These cigars were the first cigars the Drew Estate had produced with their own smoke. Their first efforts had been produced for them by Nick Perdoma and his Tabacalera Perdomo cigar company. One cigar, La Vieja Habana, was a hit at the World Trade Center Mall and the 1997 Retail Tobacco Dealers of America (RTDA) show. This encouraged the Drew Estate to start their own manufacturing unit in Nicaragua.

Jonathan Drew and company unveiled Acid cigars at the 1999 RTDA show in Las Vegas. Cigars have been portrayed as lifestyle luxury goods for people who aren’t afraid to explore and forge new paths. They proved to be an instant hit in the botanical aromatic cigar market.

The company places great emphasis on producing high quality Acid brand cigars. More than one hundred aromatic oils, plant essences and spices are used in the production of acid cigars. They use the best tobaccos from all over the world.
Different types of tobaccos can be blended together to produce unique flavours. The tobacco leaves are cured by an organic fermentation process. For this they are kept immersed in red wine for over three months. The cigars are shaped by hand.

Given their popularity and competition, the exact manufacturing process of sour cigars is kept secret. No one knows the exact chemical composition of the flavor ingredients or the exact details of blending tobacco leaves. The Drew Estate keeps the aromatic botanical cigar market interested by continually refining cigar flavors, producing limited varieties and introducing new ones.

Sour cigars come in different sizes, wrappers and types. Some of the more popular ones are Acid Nasty, Acid Earthiness, Acid Kuba Kuba, Acid Ming Dynasty and Acid Krush Blue Connecticut. Acid One is the only Acid cigar in the line that has no aroma.
Acid brand cigars can be purchased individually, in a dozen or in multiple quantities. They are available in attractive packaging, in boxes and in cans. They are available in cigar shops and online at the Drew Estate website and other cigar sites.

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