What’s Ashton Cigars?

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Ashton is a brand of premium cigars known for their taste, flavor, and construction. Founded in 1985 by Robert Levin, Ashton cigars are made from high-quality tobacco and come in six different blends, including the popular VSG and Aged Maduro. The brand is highly sought after and sold in packs or boxes. Ashton also offers a Cabinet Selection blend for those looking for aged tobacco.

Ashton cigars are cigars synonymous with elegance and class in the cigar world. Ashton is a brand; it is fed to six different blends of cigars made by a company called Ashton Distributors Incorporated. The name Ashton is a name that is not only known in the United States but is known and appreciated in various countries around the world.

Like any cigar, an Ashton cigar is a compact roll of tobacco leaves intended for smoking. Different brands of cigars are made from different types of tobacco leaves and Ashton cigars are not made from ordinary leaves. Ashton operates with high standards of excellence. They focus on the best in taste, flavor and construction.

The Ashton brand was originally started by Robert Levin. Robert was a native of the United States who was raised in the tobacco and cigar industries. He founded Ashton Cigars in 1985 and partnered with the Fuente family to craft and market a premium cigar with the best of Dominican-grown tobacco. Tobacco is grown from seeds and seedlings are transplanted from a greenhouse into a special growing area. All stages of the growth process are specially monitored for excellence.

Today, Ashton cigars are highly sought after and come in six very different and distinguishable blends. No matter which blend you choose, it can be a sizable investment. For some people Ashton cigars are expensive, but for a cigar lover they are usually worth every penny. They are often sold in packs of five or boxes of twenty-five or more for the convenience of the customer.

One of the six most popular Ashton cigar blends is the Ashton VSG (Virgin Sun Grown). The blend was made public in 1999. To this day it is still one of the most successful introductions in the company’s history.
Another popular type of Ashton cigar is the Ashton Aged Maduro. Cigar lovers are drawn to these Ashton cigars for their naturally dark and sweet flavour. The flavor is the result of proper fermentation and aging.

For cigar aficionados looking for aged tobacco in their cigars, Ashton also has their own Cabinet Selection blend. It appears Ashton Cigars may have a blend for anyone interested in participating in case they are smoking a cigar. This makes Ashton Cigars a shoe of popularity for years to come.

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