What makes a great cigar?

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The two main components of a good cigar are tobacco and construction. A variety of brands, sizes, and flavors are available, with prices ranging from a few dollars to around US$30. Proper construction is essential for a good cigar, with the correct amount of filler and even burning. The tobacco used should be of the highest quality, with major brands committed to consistency and only selling the best tasting cigars. More expensive brands are a safer option for a good cigar.

Ask any cigar expert what the main components of a good cigar are and you will usually get a variety of answers. The general consensus is that the two main components of a best cigar are the tobacco and the construction. If you have ever had the misfortune of smoking a fake Cuban cigar. then you will know exactly what a bad cigar tastes like.

For the cigar novice, the variety of cigars on the market can be bewildering. There is a large variety of brands, sizes and flavors of cigars available. The price can range from a few dollars for a cheaper cigar to around US$30 for a good cigar.

The construction of the cigar is important as this will help the taste and design of the cigar. If a cigar has been made with fewer leaves in the filler, it will smoke easily which may not always be a good thing. Underfill means that when you pull on the cigar, it will burn faster. This can be caused by too many air pockets in the cigar.

Overfill the cigar and it will be much more difficult to pull a smooth smoke. Hence the correct amount of filler in the construction is essential for a good cigar. When properly lit, a better cigar will burn evenly. If the cigar doesn’t burn evenly, the rolling process is likely to be of inferior quality.

Another sign of a good cigar is the ash. You should be able to smoke a cigar without the ash falling frequently. A better cigar should also have a supple but firm touch. They should be smooth to the touch and a better cigar should have just a shade of leaves covering it.

The tobacco used in a good cigar should be of the highest quality. If the taste is sour, burning in the mouth or unpleasant, the tobacco will undoubtedly be of an inferior quality. Major cigar brands have been in business for many years. Their reputation is second to none when producing a better cigar. Davidoff is said to reject more cigars than they actually sell in the manufacturing process.

Consistency in cigar production is a must for top brands. Big brands are committed to selling only the best tasting cigars, using the highest quality tobacco. They have a long distinguished reputation to uphold. While they may be more expensive than cheaper brands, this will be reflected in the taste and construction of the cigars. With over 40 types of Cuban cigars to choose from, the more expensive brands are a safer option for a good cigar.

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