What are Partagas Cigars?

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Partagas cigars have two premium brands, one made in Havana, Cuba since 1845 and the other in the Dominican Republic since 1978. The Cuban factory was nationalized after the revolution, but the brand remains popular. The Cuban and Dominican cigars are different products, but both are popular worldwide.

Partagas cigars are two brands of premium cigars. The first Partagas cigar factory opened in Havana, Cuba in 1845, and is still in operation today under the auspices of Habanos, SA, Cuba’s state-owned tobacco company. The other Partagas factory was opened in 1978 in the Dominican Republic and produces cigars for General Cigar. The history of the famous Partagas cigars is inextricably linked to that of the Cuban revolution.

The Partagas factory in Havana was a major competitor in the international cigar market before the Cuban revolution in 1959 and remains a player today, despite international trade sanctions against Cuba imposed by the United States and some other countries. By 1958, the factory was the second largest exporter of Cuban cigars, accounting for about a quarter of all world tobacco exports.

After the Cuban revolution, the factory that produced Partagas cigars was nationalized in Habanos, SA. Fidel Castro’s new government offered Partagas’ owner Ramon Cifuentes the opportunity to lead the state operation, but he refused and fled the country with his family. Habanos, SA, continues to produce cigars under the Partagas and other Cuban cigar names.

The original Havana factory is a popular tourist destination. After a multi-year hiatus, Cifuentes opened a cigar factory under the Partagas name in Jamaica and then the Dominican Republic. The Havana factory that produces Partagas Cuban cigars uses Cuban-grown tobacco and artisanal techniques to produce Partagas cigars. The Dominican factory uses tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cameroon.

This colorful history is part of what makes Partagas Cigars some of the most famous and popular cigar brands in the world. Some of the most popular are the Series D No. Four Lonsdales, which is now discontinued, Lusitanias and Shorts. It is important to recognize that Cuban-made Partagas cigars and Dominican-made Partagas cigars are different products, although they bear the same name. Cuban cigars are more popular with some aficionados, but illegal for sale in the United States due to the trade embargo against Cuban products. It is also illegal to buy Partagas cigars in other countries and bring them to the United States

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