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Cohiba cigars are a high-quality, hand-rolled Cuban brand made with specially harvested tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region. The US-based General Cigar Company also produces a non-Cuban Cohiba brand. Cohiba Cuban cigars were initially made exclusively for Fidel Castro and his associates, but were later sold on the general market. Habanos SA has since released multiple versions of the brand, including limited editions and special releases. All Cuban Cohiba cigars use triple-fermented tobacco for their smooth flavor.

Cohiba cigars are a world famous cigar brand produced by Cuban cigar company Habanos SA. They are hand rolled and use the highest quality tobacco. The specially harvested tobacco comes from the Vuelta Abajo region of the Pinar del Rio province of Cuba. Cohiba Cuban Cigars are sold in domestic and international markets at premium prices.
There is also a non-Cuban Cohiba cigar brand. It is manufactured by the US-based General Cigar Company, Inc. in the Dominican Republic. General Cigar Cohibas are also of high quality and come with a high price tag. The company prints the word Cohiba with a red dot inside the letter O.

The General Cigar Company registered the Cohiba name in the United States in 1978. They have marketed their Cohiba Red Dot Cigars in the United States since 1997. Other than the name, which means “cigar” in the Taino Indian dialect, they have no affiliation with the Cuban brand Cohiba.

Cuban President Fidel Castro started the production of Cohiba Cuban cigars in 1966. Cigar manufacturing started out as a small business and soon grew into a good sized factory. The cigars, however, were made exclusively for Castro and his political associates. Quite often, cigars were also given as diplomatic gifts. Their exclusivity and excellence have given them a high cult status.

It wasn’t until 1982, during the soccer World Cup in Spain, that Cohiba Cuban cigars were first sold on the general market. The three vitolas, or sizes, made available on this occasion were originally created in 1969. They were the Panatela Cigars, Corona Especial Cigars and Lancero Cigars. These cigars are part of the Classic Line range which was expanded by three more vitolas in 1989. The new additions were Cohiba Robusto Cigars, Cohiba Exquisito Cigars and Cohiba Esplendido Cigars.

Since then Habanos SA has issued multiple versions of the Cohiba brand, most notably the Linea 1492 range which introduced five vitolas in 1992 and a sixth in 2002. These six, from Siglo I to Siglo VI, commemorated the 500th anniversary of the voyage of Christopher Columbus in America. Siglo means century in Spanish.

The Maduro 5 series Genios, Magicos and Secretos cigars appeared in 2007. Limited editions and special releases are introduced each year at special events and anniversaries, such as at the Habanos Festival and the Cohiba Brand Anniversary. All cigars produced by the Cuban Cohiba brand use fillers of triple-fermented seco and ligero tobacco. It is this special fermentation process that gives these cigars their famous smooth flavour.

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