What’s a cigar cutter?

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A cigar cutter is essential for a good smoking experience, as a bad cut can ruin the cigar. There are four main types of cutters: guillotine, scissor, punch, and “V” cutter. A good cutter can be found for under $5.

A cigar cutter is perhaps the most important accessory any cigar aficionado could buy. Even if you rarely smoke cigars, or only on special occasions, a cigar cutter is an integral part of enjoying a good cigar. A bad cutter can destroy a good cigar.
Cigars consist mainly of a wrapper, commonly made of dried leaves, and tobacco. However, a lot goes into a good cigar. The size and method used to wrap the tobacco also significantly affect the smoking experience.

To understand the need for a cigar cutter, it should be noted that a cigar is almost always sold with a flat tobacco end exposed, which is the end that lights up; and a rounded end fully enclosed by the wrapper, the end you draw on. A cutter is needed to make a small hole in the rounded end, to create a smooth design.
If the cigar wrapper is damaged during the cutting process, the cigar will not smoke properly and the experience will be unsatisfactory. For the novice smoker, a bad cut might not even go unnoticed. However, once you gain more experience with cigar smoking, a bad cut can ruin your cigar.

There are mainly four styles of cigar cutter prevalent today: the guillotine cigar cutter, the scissor cutter, the cigar punch, and the “V” cigar cutter.
The guillotine cutter uses one or two blades to cut a cigar. However, the two-blade version is much cleaner and offers a better cut.
A cigar cutter puts more even pressure on the cigar and gives a more centered and even cut.
The cigar punch is actually not a cigar cutter at all. Instead, poke a small hole in the end of a cigar. This method is practical for cigars with a very large diameter, but won’t work well with unusually styled cigars, such as torpedoes.
Perhaps the least damaging way to cut a cigar, however, would be to use the “V” cutter. A “V” cigar cutter actually cuts a small “V” shape into the end of a cigar instead of cutting or punching a hole.
Regardless of the type of cigar cutter you choose, be sure to cut your cigar with care and patience. While you can spend a small amount of money on a cigar cutter, you don’t have to. Many good cigar cutters can be found for under $5 (US dollars).

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