What’s a Macanudo cigar?

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Macanudo cigars, produced by the General Cigar Company, are a popular premium cigar brand in the US. The company has a long history of cigar making, and the Macanudo line consists of five series with unique flavors. The cigars are made with specially selected and cured tobacco and are hand-rolled. Prices vary depending on the type of cigar.

A Macanudo cigar is a premium cigar brand produced by the General Cigar Company. The classic hallmark of a Macanudo cigar is a rounded crown, but there is also a pointed Pyramid version. Macanudo cigars are among the best-selling cigar brands in the United States.
The General Cigar Company, a Connecticut-based company, is owned by the Cullman family. The Cullmans have a long history of cigar making, starting with Ferdinand Cullman who landed on American shores in 1848. His grandson Joseph Cullman Jr. started a tobacco plantation in Connecticut and grew the finest Havanese tobacco there.

Edgar Cullman, son of Joseph Cullman Jr., studied the cigar manufacturing business and acquired the General Cigar Company in 1960. In 1968, he purchased Macanudo Cigars which until then had been made as staples by a small familiar in Jamaica. Working with two expert cigar masters, Ramon Cifuentes and Daniel Nunez, Edgar Cullman introduced the Macanudo cigar as a well-crafted cigar brand in 1971.

Ramon Cifuentes, who had worked on Partagas cigars in Cuba, emigrated to the United States after the communist takeover of Cuba. He designed the first lines of Macanudo cigars. Daniel Nunez joined the General Cigar Company in 1974 and trained under Cifuentes.

By combining specially grown, selected and cured tobacco with skilled cigar-making techniques, they have created a brand that has proved popular with cigar connoisseurs worldwide. Connecticut Shade is used for the wrapper and Jamaican and Dominican tobaccos are used for the fillers. The binder comes from Mexico’s St. Andres Tuxtla valley.

In some cases, the tobacco leaves may have been aged for two to three years or more. Most Macanudo cigars are hand rolled. The company moved production from Jamaica to the Dominican Republic.
The Macanudo line consists mainly of five series of premium brands. These include the Macanudo Robust Cigar, Macanudo Maduro Cigar, Macanudo Cafe Cigar, Macanudo Vintage Cigar and Macanudo Gold Cigar. Each series contains differently named cigars with unique flavours.

Some of these include the Macanudo Robust Baron de Rothschild, the Macanudo Robust Petit Corona and the Macanudo Robust Prince Philip from the Macanudo Robust series. Originally introduced in 1998, a new version of this cigar was crafted by Daniel Nunez in 2003. It uses a Cuban seed binder and a well-ripe dark Connecticut Shade wrapper.
The Macanudo Maduro Cigar, created in 1999, uses a sweet Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. Cigars in this series include the Macanudo Maduro Diplomat, the Macanudo Maduro Duke of Devon and the Macanudo Maduro Hampton Court. Some examples of the Macanudo Cafe cigar series are the Macanudo Cafe Claybourne, the Macanudo Cafe 8-9-8 and the Macanudo Cafe Crystal.

Vintage cigars are made only from quality vintage tobacco crops. That harvest has so far occurred in 1979, 1984, 1988, 1993 and 1997. These cigars are rare and therefore quite valuable.
Subtle and elegant, the Gold series are a limited edition line. They are made with pale gold Connecticut Shade tobacco leaves. Series include Macanudo Gold Label Shakespeare, Macanudo Gold Label Tudor and Macanudo Gold Label Somerset.
A Macanudo cigar can be purchased at a cigar shop and from online cigar websites. Cigars can be purchased individually or in boxes of ten to two dozen. Prices vary according to the type of Macanudo cigar.

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