What’s a Putting Green?

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A putting green is a section of grass on a golf course with a hole marked by a flag. Golfers use a putter to put the ball into the hole. Putting greens can be installed in homes or offices using artificial or real grass. Commercial golf courses may use real or artificial grass, depending on the climate.

A putting green refers to a section of green grass on a golf course with a hole marked with a flag. The golfer tries to put the ball into the hole using a golf club called a putter. While the golf ball may be quite close to the hole when puttingt, these shots can be difficult. When not on the golf course, golf enthusiasts often practice on a portable putting green in their home or office, or on a putting green they have installed in their backyard.

There are do-it-yourself putting green kits available, or you can hire a company that specializes in creating putting greens that fit into your existing landscape. Artificial turf that resists fading and weather damage is often used for the putting green, but real grass can be used instead. A backyard putting green can be crafted to be as close to that of a commercial golf course as possible. This can be a great source of pleasure for the homeowner as he can not only putt but also entertain other golf enthusiasts.

Artificial grass putting greens are preferred by many as they do not require mowing or fertilizing. Small indoor putting greens with artificial grass are great for practicing on rainy or snowy days. They are used in homes such as in a basement, den or family room as well as some offices. Real grass putting greens can be great for those who enjoy gardening because they can be very challenging. Many golfers say that real grass is worth the work because it’s the best thing for real ball rolling that artificial greens can’t match.

Commercial golf courses may have real or artificial grass putting greens. In hot climates, real grass can be very difficult to keep green. Wheatgrass is a true grass that is often considered the best at withstanding hot temperatures. Bentgrass is a true grass that is typically used in areas with milder climates.

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