What’s a swashplate?

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A wobble plate can convert circular motion to reciprocating motion and vice versa, and is used in various applications such as helicopter swashplates and mechanical pumps. It consists of a rotating disk attached to a spindle, which when angled, causes a secondary plate to convert circular motion to reciprocating motion. It can be used in small components in toy cars to huge machines in factories. In helicopters, it allows the pilot to adjust the blades to generate lift and change the position of the aircraft.

A wobble plate or wobble plate is a component that can be used to convert circular motion to reciprocating motion, and vice versa. Swashplates can be used in a variety of configurations, one of the most famous applications being the helicopter swashplate, which is used by the pilot to adjust a helicopter’s blades in order to achieve lift and attitude control of the helicopter. Certain mechanical pumps and grinders can also use wobble plates.

The basic wobble plate mechanism includes a disk that is attached to a spindle, so that the disk rotates with the spindle. When the puck is straight, nothing seems to be happening, but when it’s at an angle, the spin of the axis causes the puck to appear to wobble as it moves. A secondary plate mounted in a stationary position below the first plate will change angles as the angled turntable moves over it, converting the shaft’s circular motion to reciprocating motion on shafts mounted on the stationary plate.

This basic engineering trick can be used in a wide variety of settings, on mechanisms ranging in size from small components in toy cars to huge machines in factories. Big or small, a wobble plate will work the same way, and when calibrated correctly, it can produce a seamless and highly efficient conversion of different types of movement.

An example of the way a swash plate can move is in a car, where the pistons move up and down when fired by the engine. The reciprocating motion of the pistons can be converted to circular motions that will rotate the shafts with the use of a wobble plate. In this case, the firing pistons would push against the stationary plate, causing it to press against the fixed plate and rotate the shaft. To decrease or speed up the amount of rotation, the firing interval of the pistons could be changed.

In helicopters, the wobble plate mechanism is used to allow the pilot to adjust one blade at a time, or all of the blades, to create different angles. These angles are used to generate lift as the aircraft turns and to change the position of the aircraft once it is airborne. Blade control can be cyclic or collective. In cyclic knife control, a single knife is adjusted using a fixed outer ring. The collective blade control moves both the fixed outer ring and the rotating inner ring to adjust all blades at once.

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